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"The UCI claims it instituted weight limits because of concerns about durability and safety: Heavier components are less likely to break under high speed or stress.

However, manufacturers like Cervélo reject these concerns and say that a quality certificate similar to those used in bicycle helmets would be a better way to address the issue.

""Cervélo would welcome a system where bikes need to pass certain durability and strength tests instead of a simple weight test,"" said Cervélo's Gerard Vroomen in a Cyclingnews article. ""In the 2004 Tour, there were frames with double the weight and half the strength of the Cervélo R2.5 Bayonne, yet somehow the Bayonne was not allowed to be used."",71283-0.html?tw=wn_technology_6"

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jc (not verified)
Crash Testing

Why not crash, stress the frame? It's done in Formula 1 each and everytime a new car (chassis) is introduced.

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Steve (not verified)

Most bicycle manufacturers already perform stress testing (i.e., crash testing) on their frames.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
UCI luddites seem hellbent on quashing innovation in bike design

"Between these seemingly indefensible minimum weight limits, and their slavish insistence on conventional double-triangle frame construction, it seems like the UCI is ""anti-technology"". Perhaps they're attempting to level the playing field by completely removing the bike from the equation. Eventually they'll require that every rider use the exact same bike (...and it'll probably be a 1975 Schwinn Varsity Sport!)

FWIW, I really like the idea of an officially sanctioned Durability & Strength Test. Then again, I also like the idea that a 12lb bike just might be able to survive a single racing season, so maybe I'm dreaming."

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Bob Ross (not verified)

"Ha, just read the entire Wired article, & it pretty much already concluded what I wrote above: ""Some critics claim that the UCI won't be happy until every rider in the tour is riding identical Penny Farthing highwheelers and wearing wool jerseys.""

Sorry, next time I'll read the link *before* posting..."

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tinfoil hat (not verified)

that's an amazing statement coming from a company who's r2.5 has an astonishingly high rate of manufacturer's defect, despite all of the marketing propoganda as to it's herculian strength and durability.

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)


It'd be fun to build a R2.5 with Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL wheels and see whether you'd break a chainstay or have to rebuild the freehub first.

- Christian

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