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does anyone have a cue sheet to long beach, long island from the baot house?

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David B (not verified)

Yes that is my route too, except that in Far Rockaway, the Boardwalk resumes on B126 -- you can take it all the way to B8!

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

Boardwalk is a good option, but too many children running about and of course parents chasing them

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

Hi Hal,

I have been there a few times and used 2 routes from my home to Long Beach, actually was there on Sunday. I did see the cue sheets in the library, but found them poor at points in Jamaica,Queens. Also the route I use through Bklyn is 98% on the NYC Bike Map.

I took the route from the NYC bike Map, which goes with me on this ride.

Take the Bklyn Bridge to Prospect Park
Then onto Ocean Parkway ( my choice)Be patiant, lots of lights and stop signs,but shady and pretty. Bedford is also a good option..
Then Left On Neptune Ave, turns into Emmons.
Then Go straight. This will take you to Marine Pky Bridge through The the SHore Pky, also called Gil Hodges bridge. Be careful when you get off Emmons to be on the Shore Pky Greenway (on the Right) otherwise like I did once, you will almost end up on the Highway. Do not fear, you can climb over the barrier if u goof, signage is a bit weak but the path is 5 feet over and visible. If only its entrance or start was better marked.

I biked over the bridge,signs say no riding of bikes.
Make First left after the bridge, this takes you to Jacob Riis Park, Ride on the Concrete Boardwalk.
Make left at the Baseball field ( I think u can go no further). Bathrooms are on the boardwalk there and water some drinks also, maybe food trucks.

Make a right at the end of the field. You should be on
Rockaway Beach blvd. Go straight until B108 st.
Turn right on B108 St and make a left at Shorefront.
Turn left at B73 st onto Larkin which becomes Edgemere.
You will hit the Atlantic bridge. Look for any type of walking path to avoid the actual Road Way. Water after the toll booth, Bathrooms are there, ask .

Note: When I went from Shorefront to the bridge, I basically kept the water to my right and winged it. There
are very few through streets on your right so you can make some time here.

Atlantic Bridge is also a walk over as the sign states. I have heard , but not seen any tickets issued.

Make a left after the bridge onto BEECH. You are now in Atlantic Beach which will go through to Long Beach.
Stay on Beech and keep to the main road.

Good Luck.
I have taken this all the ay to

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