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Hello. I just started graduate school at NYU and plan on riding solo from NYC to D.C. this August. Does anyone know routes along the east coast? Has anyone done this kind of thing before? I did some bike trips when I lived overseas in Japan last year, and can hack the miles. I am just worried about road safety and staying on schedule. Thanks-

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bill vojtech (not verified)

We used to do a NYC-DC ride in 24 hrs. It has not been done in years. Most roads were quiet, but half was done in darkness, (columbus day weekend), so I don't know if it was scenic. Traffic patterns may be different now. I'd check out the East Coast Bike Route maps. I think LAB puts them out. I have an old copy from the 1970's.

I think the maps go from Florida to Montreal.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

"I found my old map. It's called ""The Guide to the East Coast Bicycle Trail"", from Richmond Virginia to Boston Massachusetts. 1981 Edition published by The League of American Wheelmen, (now known as the League of American Bicyclists).

I can't seem to find anything about an updated version on the web."

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Alex (not verified)

Thanks. I ordered some off line at Adventure Cycling. Also, found a book by someone who did Maine to Florida. Hopefully both will tell me something.

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
East Coast Greenway

The East Coast Greenway project has bike route maps, both online and hardcopy. You might find them useful:


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