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"John Z's on hiatus through July and the weather could go either way tonight.


But, if the storm system breaks away from the city and I get some RSVPs, I'll lead an easy A18/20 miler to Woodside, Queens. There are a couple of promising Afghan restaurants and a ""Famous"" pizza shop with a quick subway to Manhattan afterwards. Will do major drags rather than side streets.

Meet at the entrance to Bryant Park at 41st Street & 6th Avenue at 7:00 PM.

Will make the call by 6:00 PM. If not tonight, we'll try again next week.

RSVP today by 5:45 PM: soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com"

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carl (not verified)

Glad to hear rumblings of UAR rides again.
I don't think I can make tonight's ride (assuming it takes place), but will make it a point to ride next Wednesday.
Would anyone be interested in a 'Jersey-side' ride? (e.g. ferry to Hoboken or JC through Liberty SP, Bayonne Br and back on the SI ferry?)

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Neile (not verified)

No go for tonight.

Check back for next week.

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