Planning a trip to Montauk, never been, have some questions

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I’m planning a trip to Montauk with a friend in a couple of weeks (a Sunday and Monday); I’m planning on taking leisurely couple of days. I’ve never really been out to Long Island, much less Montauk. I’ve not found any information on the internet regarding the route. I’m thinking of taking Route 27A (Old Montauk Hwy.) with a few digressions (Ocean Parkway and Dune Beach Rd.). I’m also looking for a place to stay near the beach around the halfway point, a cabin or B&B would be perfect and the same in or around Montauk for Monday night. Any suggestions, points, and warnings would be greatly appreciated.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

That's the old Montauk Century route. Not very scenic till you get to the Hamptons, but it works and it's hard to get lost, but people have done it.

The Century has a new route. Supposedly better, but I've not done it.

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Jim Zisfein (not verified)
Planning a trip to Montauk

"The route of the Montauk Century 2006 from Penn Station to Montauk is, well, proprietary (a secret kept by the ride organizers, paying participants, and volunteers), but you can still faintly see many of the pink route markings that start at 31 St & 8 Av. The markings look like ""Mn""; the ""n"" is actually a sideways ""C"" (don't ask).

You can follow the markings for 145 miles from Manhattan to Montauk, or 100 miles from the Babylon LIRR station to Montauk. Bring a map because some of the markings are surely too faint to see by now.

The 100 mile MC route going east from Babylon is quite scenic, esp. the part on Dune Rd. and through the Hamptons. Most of it is **not** on Montauk Hwy.

The best advice I can give you is to register for the Montauk Century 2007, coming your way next May. After you've done the supported ride, doing it yourself becomes much easier.


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Bob (not verified)

If you're referring to the Ocean Parkway on Jones Beach, it's a highway.

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