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In today's tdf..

Dekker & Rodriguez Crash Out… And Then Valverde!
On the approach to the 3rd climb, Erik Dekker and Fred Rodriguez crashed into a spectator on the right side of the road. Both were forced to abandon the Tour because of the injuries they sustained. Dekker fractured a collarbone and also required stitches to his face.

With about 20km to go, Alejandro Valverde (CEI) was involved in a crash. He fractured his right collarbone and was forced to abandon his second Tour de France.

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Der Untermensch (not verified)
Cynics abound

"""The heat, the distance and the fatigue of some riders - it all contributed to a hectic stage and loss of concentration in the peloton. Everybody must watch out if they don't want to be involved in a crash."", from today's stage winner.

Riding in a paceline is one thing, riding in pack racing is another. Part of bike racing is taking risks.

When you can ride 120+ miles, in 100 degree temps, direct sun exposure, with July humidity, at a much faster average speed, in a much larger group and not crash, let me know. I'll be the first to congratulate you."

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Herb (not verified)

According to reports, both Rodriquez and Dekker hit the same pothole. Something NYC riders can relate to.

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JP (not verified)

Kick 'em when they're down!

And how many numbers have been pinned on the back of your jersey? None? A 30 mile race? A one day road race? 40K TT? If you have, how did you place?

Any stage races? Any tours? None I imagine. Me neither. I won’t even ask about a grand tour.

Well, how many sub-three hour centuries have you done? What's your time up Alpe'd'H??? OK, OK, try for 5 laps of Central park in an hour tomorrow??

There are riders, then there are C, B and A club riders, mtber, msgers, and solo tris, …. Then there are racers – amateurs up to cat 1, then the elites. The elites I know are awesomely fast and endurant. And they are the bottom of the pro barrel racers. Div A1 UCI pros riding the TdF are the crème de la crème. They are amazing athletes. Even the lanterne rouge of any pro race is a feat.

Now add the 100s of other riders, the comp, the heat, the pressure….

Armchair TdF Yellow jerseys should show some respect.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
What about Rodriguez? Is he out?

"He's an aspiring young cyclist. This is his website. He calls himself ""Fast Freddy.""


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John Miller (not verified)

He's actually more like a grizzled veteran -- he's a two (three?) time USPRO champ and a Petacchi-beating winner of a Giro stage.

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