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Hoping to bike from NYC to Providence RI this weekend. Any scenic route suggestions, maybe along the coast, hopefully fairly direct?

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jonathan friedman (not verified)
Check out this CT State Bike Map

You might want to check out the CT state bicycle map at the above link.

I've never taken the US-1 I-95 bridge across the CT River, but the map suggests that there is a route that is open to bikes. I was always looking for a way to get onto this bridge from US-1, but it looks like you must make a few turns from US-1 to get to the bike access path on this bridge. (I only had an old highway map 15 years ago.)

(The link to the inset map with the access route to this bridge is below the miniature full map on that web page.)

From New Haven, I usually opted for CT80 East to CT81 north (Killingworth) to CT148 east (over the $1 CT River ferry) to CT82 east to Norwich, but there is a killer hill; Chatfield Hollow, just before Killingworth is a small valley with steep hills down into it from either end, steeper & higher climb out of the valley in the eastbound direction, but there is a gas station / convenience store at the traffic circle at the top of the climb. A lot of trees & rolling hills but no coastline.

US-1 is not devoid of hills, but is less hilly than CT-80/82. However, there are more traffic lights and there are a few busy, very heavily trafficked stretches, strip malls, etc. but there are also quite a number of nice seaside stretches, especially out toward Saybrook.

East Haven on US-1 had some particularly nasty stretches. There was actually one nice stretch alongside a reservoir in East Haven between 2 nasty stretches, but even on this short scenic stretch of road, you need to keep your eye on the road surface. I remember the shoulder narrowing down and becoming filled with a patch of sand that was apparently there for some road construction purposes. After 15 years maybe this sand is gone. East of East Haven, US-1 was not too bad.

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jonathan friedman (not verified)

CT80/CT82 et al has fewer pit stops along the way. There are a small number of Gas Station / convenience stores. US-1 has more places to stop & more traffic.

CT146 is fairly scenic, going near the coast east of New Haven, but it loops in & out adding a mile or 2 or 3, and has several short but sometimes steep rolling hills.

I have a cue sheet for an inland route (100 miles) from NYC to New Haven, but it is maybe 20-25 miles longer than the direct route and has 1 or 2 (or maybe 3) challenging climbs and more rolling hills.

E-mail me jmfriedman7-at-hotmail-dot-com if you would like for me to send it to you.

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ck (not verified)
NYC - Providence

Except for a very pretty section from Norwalk to Southport, the CT shoreline through Branford is very urbanized. (I'd actually take a train to New Haven)

You might consider a more pleasant, but hillier inland route: Broadway/US 9 to Tarrytown to North County Trail to Rte 100 to US202 to US6. In Newtown , take Rte 34 down to New Haven, and pick up the more scenic part of the coastline there.

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David B (not verified)

Thanks everyone!

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bill vojtech (not verified)

I suggested this to a boston bound cyclist-
Ride to the north fork of long island. ferry to new london, ct. cycle from new london to providence.

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