A19 ride to Nyack - 7/2/06

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Hope everyone made it to Nyack and back without drama. Sorry I had to let the group go - I took a big tumble right off 9W near Piermont, both myself and my bike were in no riding condition afterwards.

Joe, thanks for taking over the group at the front, hope you guys had a good ride.

Earl, thanks for staying with me. I have patched myself up as best as I could - lots of scrapes and a sore wrist.

Also many thanks to the good samartans who invited me to their home to wash up and also Jessica who drove me back over the GWB.


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Leigh (not verified)
Your fall

Sorry to hear that Peter and I don't know how it is that none of the group knew of this. We assumed (wrongly) that you had turned back or something as you had stressed at the outset that you had not ridden for a little while and the group had been keeping the pace up. So sorry about that.

I've only ridden with groups from your club a handful of times since arriving here from the UK in March, but for me, today's ride was the best and most rider coherent so far notwithstanding a further tumble from one of the group on the way back at a coned/gravelly section.

I really hope you (and your bike) get fixed up soon.


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George Arcarola (not verified)
the kindness of strangers

"Peter, I think Blanche DuBois had something there when she declared that, ""I've always relied on the kindness of strangers.""

When Irv and I were sitting outside with the young woman while you were cleaning up, she amusingly refered to the fact of how cyclists are reviled in Piermont. Funny that when a cyclist needed help, as you did today, the residents of Piermont (two of them anyway), made sure you were OK, and got you back home without further incident.

I'm glad you're not too banged up, and I hope to ride with you again.


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Jessica (not verified)

I am happy to know you are safe & sound.
Hopefully you invested in some Neosporin!
Take Care,

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