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I am planning a trip to Putnam County ( Lake Carmel ) and would like to take these trails. I am aware of the N and S Trailways. Is there a connecting trail from the Bronx to the S trailway? Are the N and S trailways connected? Where in Putnam does the North County trail go?
Any help from someone who has done this would be appreciated.

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af (not verified)
Look in the ride library.

Under Westchester, there is a ride listing with cue sheet from NYC for the N + S Trailways (+ optional Putnam).

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Rich Conroy (not verified)
N & S country tr.

The last time I was on it, the South Cty trail started at the north end of Yonkers and ends in Elmsford. There is about a 1 mile gap between the north end of that trail, and the start of the North Cty trail. The North cty trail goes into Putnam (where it's called the Putnam cty trail, I think) as far as Carmel.

Westchester Cty is now working on the trail where Bronx/Van Cortland park ends, and Yonkers begins. I rode that section in the spring, and they had cut back a lot of brush, and plowed up the old rutted trail to start laying a smooth trail bed, in the section where it goes past Tibbets Brook Park in Yonkers. I understand from Ed Ravin of the 5BBC that this section has now been paved. Unfortunately, this new section of the Old Putnam RR stil does not connect with the south end of the South Cty trail.

It may be that there are some property rights/right of way issues to resolved in the gap, and quite possibly some residual NIMBYism, which has long delayed development of the Old Put trail in Yonkers.


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Bill Donelly (not verified)

Thanks! Are these trails heavily trafficked? Can you average a good speed? Thanks again

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Rosario (not verified)

I think Rich summarized it pretty well. On weekends the trails are moderately trafficked, definitely not mobbed. And you can keep a decent avg speed. I usually ride to croton dam on regular roads and then come back on the trails and I don't have particular problems.

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Jay (not verified)
Westch (&Putnam?)Parks Dept has excellent free maps

Traffic on weekdays is relatively light

Putnam ends at Carmel I think

Trails are in very good paved condition & virtually no hills

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