A19 ride Monday

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Since the home page doesn't allow for much of a description of my ride, I thought I'd post it here. For those of you who have the day off and are in town, please join me for a pre-4th of July cruise through the 'burbs.

Most A rides look for difficult inclines. I'll be aiming for as many flat and downhill stretches as possible! Alright, there will be some uphills, but you will not know them by name (no 'Little Tors' or 'Whippoorwhills'). We'll head north and touch Rockland county, then go west and spend most of the ride in Bergen. Two brief deli stops along the way. It'll be hot, so bring two water bottles. Paceline skills required.

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Adam Hagan (not verified)

You can count me in for Monday, but weather looks like we might have scattered showers.

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
Accuweather is not predicting rain

Hopefully it will be ok.
I am a maybe for tomorrow. If I do come I'll likely have to bail a bit early.
Sue, can you email me the cue sheet?
Many Thanks,

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Sue Foster (not verified)

I'm very optimistic that we'll get the ride in before any thunderstorms build. That said, there are no bailouts, so we'll have to wait out any serious rain if it happens. See you tomorrow!

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
online ride listings

"All club rides are listed on the website under the Rides - Ride Listings section of the club website. The home page just lists a teaser/sampling of rides for members and non-members alike."

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Sue Foster (not verified)

Ride is on.

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