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"The West Point rides will meet at 8:00 at 72nd/CPW.
Exception: Christy Guzzetta’s ride meets at 8:30. (but you should be there at 8:00 with your luggage!)

Even if you aren't joining us for the weekend feel free to join one of the rides going up. Bring an MNRR rail pass and take the train home from Garrison.

A20+ West Point the Hard way 80+ miles
Leaders: Tim McCarthy, Ron Roth, Peter O’Reilly, Hank Schiffman.
Via Skyline Drive -Greenwood Lake – the Hogback (Sterling Forest Mtn) – Arden Valley – Seven Lakes Dr.

A20+ West Point via Thornwood, Peekskill, Bear Mtn Bridge 65 mi
Leader: Christy Guzzetta 8:30!
Christy’s classic sweep thru Westchester around the Croton Reservoir, over Anthony’s Nose to the bridge and West Point.

A19 West Point via Havestraw, (river route) 56 miles.
Leader: Ed White
Ed will Use Wayne Wright’s route

B18 West Point via Havestraw (river route) 56 miles
Leaders: Wayne Wright, Hannah Borgeson
Wayne will use his route

B16 West Point via Havestraw (river route) 56 miles
Leaders: Ellen Jaffe, Ingrid Wiegand
As above.

C14 West Point via Havestraw (river route) 56 miles
Leader: Trudy Hutter
As above


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
For those doing the Greenwood Lake ride wanting to cycle back:

There will not be a cue sheet for riders who desire to cycle back to the city after reaching Greenwood Lake and the climb up Hogback. So the onus is on you to print a return route. The exact route returning to New York City might vary from this but this is close enough, works and will get you home.

Please print Fred's ride: Greenwood Lake out & back via Kanawauke Circle /w Garrison/CS option in the Ride Library:

Although the route out may differ from this cue sheet, it will get you back to NYC.

If you forget to print this cue sheet or get lost or dropped, just remember to stay on 17A east (Hogback) which will take you into 106 east which will drop you on 9w. Just go south on 9w. If you fail to recognize the turn off 9w on Palisade Ave onto Hudson Terrace you shouldn't be on this ride.

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
West Point B Ride

The ride that Hannah and I will be leading up to West Point on Saturday will be a B17, not a B18. I hope this clears up any confusion. See you in the Park!

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Ron Torok (not verified)
Rail pass

just discovered that I lost my railpass. What's the liklihood that I will get kicked off the train with my bike when I explain this to the conductor?

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hal eskenazi (not verified)
rail pass???

"last ""buster"" of a conductor we had was not happy to see us. those who lacked a pass were charged $5 and given a receipt for a pass."

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