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Anonymous is running their Free Tour Fantasy League again this year. Entries are due 10AM on Saturday.

Petey Brevett - I challenge you, slow guy. The lower finisher int total points buys beer.

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Peter (not verified)

Come on! It's not enough that you can't keep up on a bike. Now you want me to show you that I can be a better DS than you? :) Polar has one too, that I signed up for. Check it out.

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

"It'll be extra tough this year, since neither you, nor I, nor the UCI, nor the organizers seem to know who will start!

Good times!

My predictions are at:

On the other hand, Tyler will probably win the Worlds, which he's planning as his comeback, since all the other riders will just be starting their two year suspensions.

Pig wrestling is cleaner. And to quote ATMO, ""I don't believe it.""

- Christian


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Peter (not verified)

I always wanted to believe Tyler, but that fax pretty much confirms it. I am surprised he did not say that the fax was a forgery!

Tyler will have one competitor at the Worlds - David Millar!

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