Mine Road?

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Looking to explore Harriman a little, and wondering what the status/condition of Mine Road (from 293 to 9W). Do I remember a thread not too long ago that that it was closed for USMA or landslide reasons?

And since I'm such a sponge for useless knowledge -- anyone know the source of the name for the road? Were there mines in the area?

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mike p (not verified)

mine road is closed when they use the ranges , they fire over mine road, i believe it was artillary they were firng the last time i was on it.

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Mine Road open/close

Mine road runs thru the West Point Military reservation and is periodicaly closed to vehciles. There's a sign at either end indicating if it is open/closed. There are gates 2mi up and just south of rt293.

I have found it is difficult to predict when Mine Rd. is open; calling the MPs at West Point has provided inaccurate information.

If planning to use Mine Rd you should have an alternative in mind, such as Mountain Ave (rt218)in Highland Falls.

I never heard of Mine Rd being closed due to a landslide. That is a common occurrance on Rt218, the Storm King highway, which was closed last week.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)

Also ascending to 293, 9w has a shoulder but, unless you ride it early enough in the day, can have more traffic than you might want to deal with.

The climb over Storm King Mtn on 9w is actually very good.

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