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I know a lot of people are angry about the recent spate of bike accidents and deaths of innocent cyclists and are looking for something constructive to do.

The easiest thing - especially since everyone is armed with a cellphone these days - is to call 311 when you see unsafe conditions. I just reported some metal plates sticking out of the street through a bike lane on Broadway that are similar to the ones that were involved in the accident on Houston Street. If you see anything that could hurt cyclists - metal plates, broken manholes, potholes - call 311. It's an easy thing to do and only takes a few minutes.

The more complaints that are sent to the DOT, the more likely something will be done to improve road conditions.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Good idea

Mayor Bloomberg is proud of the 311 system that he inaugurated. In fact, the high volume of noise complaints made to 311 was one reason the city passed a new noise code.

When it goes into effect next summer, investigators are supposed to be given leeway in identifying nuisances that reduce quality of life. They're also supposed to receive sensitive spectrum analyzers to document violations such as low-frequency waves (such as from ventilation equipment and stereo bass), which can cause long-term health damage due to blood pressure and other reactions.

So yes, report those cycling hazards to 311. Maybe the dysfunctional autocentric transportation system will become the city's next No. 1 complaint. If the mayor continues to pay attention to these statistics, we might see some action.

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Rick Braun (not verified)
call 311

Thanks for getting this suggestion out to the Club! On the way to work this morning I called 311 to report a strip of 7 potholes in the middle of the Bowery by Rivington Street. When I have called 311 previously, the potholes were fixed quickly (can't say whether that was coincidental, but I was very pleased to see the quick result). I have always found that the people who take the calls are pleasant and try to be helpful (this morning's operator made an amusing mistake: she asked me whether the pothole was more than 6 feet deep, about which we shared a laugh, when I responded that, thank goodness, I had never seen one that deep, even in NYC-she meant 6 inches, which of course is still quite a pothole).
It only takes a few minutes, so use that cell phone.

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Ron Torok (not verified)
Not to look at everything from a legal perspective, but . . .

Making the call also puts the hazard on record should any accident subsequently result from it.

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Steve (not verified)
Great idea

This is the simplest thing anyone could do. I walked to work today and saw dozens of problems on the street that should be fixed. I can easily take a minute to call 311. This should be the primary action of the city's cyclists! Call 311 whenever you can!

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Randy Cohen (not verified)
bike safety in NYC

Another alternative: join Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group that is increasingly effective in just this area. Some problems can best be addressed not only through individual but also through organized group action.

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