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"Who has done this route? I assume it's ""gnarly"" on account of some hills. I am riding up to Putnam Valley and thought this would make for an interesting first part of the ride. Last time I headed due north, then turned east at Ossining, went across the Croton Dam to Yorktown, then up to Putnam Valley. Any other ideas for good routes going up that way?"

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rick (not verified)
could you publish your route?

I am interested in riding up to Putnam Valley as well, and would prefer to ride via the south and north county trailways. I don't know how to travel back west from Mahopac or Yorktown.
Any routes would be most appreciated, though.

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Why Gnarly

If memory serves, Scott, the gnarly refers to a few dirt roads, ones you can ride with a road bike...but that dirt makes it gnarly in contrast to the regular Croton Dam route.

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Richard Jesaitis (not verified)

I've trained my bike up to Croton-Harmon and ridden north along the roads and then taking the North Central Bikeway north to its end and then taking it south again to Tarrytown. It can be done as a 58 mile ride (going first north on the bikeway) or a 37 mile ride (going south when you first hit the bikeway). There are two worthwhile climbs on the roads before you hit the bikeway, but not much traffic. The bikeway itself is a pleasure. North to south it's mostly a downgrade - easy to hit mid 20's.

I found this and other routes up there by purchasing s map of Hudson Valley bike rides at Sids. There are many great choices there, but I found my self on the one ride at least 20 times over the years.


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