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Hey there, Im looking for someone to bike with before work (less traffic!)3 to 4 times a week. I live downtown, so I'd perfer to meet up with someone in the area, but am open to meeting up in the park or Riverside Park. Ideally we could ride from 6/6:30-8:15am, but am also interested in riding after work. I think I ride at 16/17 mph cadence, but when pushed and motivated, can go faster.

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Andrea (not verified)

In my haste to post a message before I ran to work, I meant to write 16/17 mph, ignore the cadence crap.

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maggie (not verified)
fun riding partner

i can attest that andrea is definitely fun to ride with. i am her current riding partner who is abandoning her to ride cross country -

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Jessica (not verified)
biking partner

Hi Andrea,
I'd love to ride in the am. You're a bit speedier than me (I'm more of a B-15 rider), but if you don't mind taking it a little slower, we could give it a try. (Or, if there's anyone else who wants to ride w/ a B-15er, feel free to shoot me an email). I live on the UWS.

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Tanya (not verified)
riding partner


I live in downtown, Washington Square Park area, and would like to ride with someone after work, at 6-6:30 p.m., if it is not too late. I can do 15 or 16/17 mph, if space allows. My email: [email protected].


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