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For women cyclists who are considering doing a sprint-distance triathlon, there's a free info session at SBR (sports store on 58th and 7th ave) at 7 on Tuesday. It's for first timers, so if you've been thinking about it, could be a good place to go and meet new workout partners.

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Jen S (not verified)
Sprint / Distance


What's the difference between a sprint triathalon and a distance triathalon?

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Jeff Terosky (not verified)
Triathlon Distances

"""Sprint"" is the term used to describe a triathlon that is relatively short in duration and great for tri first-timers...
Check out this chart of common triathlon distances."

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Karol (not verified)

A great first triathlon is in Central Park on August 13 this year -- http://www.tanyc.org/Events/calendar.cfm. You swim a quarter mile in the 110th street pool, bike 12 miles (two loops), and run 3 (used to be five and was partly on trails). It's a fun way to get wet.

And then it goes from there, up to the Ironman--2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run. Oh, yeah, and then there are double Ironman triathlons. One is plenty. Trust me.

Triathlon Club of New York www.tanyc.org and Asphalt Green Triathlon Club www.agtri.com are two local triathlon clubs that provide group work outs. But you can always do your own thing.


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P-R (not verified)
looking for an entry to C.P. Tri on Aug 13

"This is a great idea for a first try at a tri. But the Central Park Triathalon is sold out -- if anyone in the club has an entry they won't be able to use, I'd love to buy it from them. You can email me at the address listed above -- just put ""gmail"" where ""nospam"" is...


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Donald (not verified)
Race entries are non-transferable

This is generally true of tris. For NYTC (the organizer), they say:

- It is prohibited to sell your number or for someone to compete in your place.

You need to check in with ID, so getting around it is a bit of a hassle - if you're inclined in that way.

Take a look at www.trifind.com to find similar local races. Also www.metrotri.com, www.active.com, and www.metrosports.com (when working) have race calendars.

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joncane (not verified)
CP tri entry

I have access to extra entries that can be sold legitimately. Feel free to contact me and I'll get you the info. There are also several nice triathlons with pool swims held in MA. Check firm-racing.com for more info.


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Karol (not verified)
Register early

Yeah, that's a problem with triathlons, even more so these days. Basically, the only sure bet is to sign up a year in advance for races AND book your hotel rooms. Sounds anal but believe me I have learned the hard way.

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Gabrielle Popoff (not verified)
Triathlon for women

Any ladies interested in doing a triathlon should check out Danskin's tri series--women-only, sprint distances. There's one in NJ in September.

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sarah (not verified)
running with SBR

"if anyone ever wants a group run - I run almost every week - it's free and it's definitely helped my pace...

SBR Wednesday Night Runs ""Your Pace or Mine""
Meet up anytime after 7 pm. Run starts at 7:30 pm.
Every week the lucky winner of our drawing gets the black, high-performance shirt they were in the running for the previous week. Meet the SBR team, get tips and have fun after work in New York's scenic and bustling Central Park. Meet up at the store: 203w58"

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