What size seat pack? (Also, any specific brand recommendations?)

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Been riding a hybrid for the past decade or so, with a rear rack and a variety of capcious rack bags, so I've had plenty of room to carry whatever it is I've needed to carry for anything from short commutes to double centuries. (Not that I've ridden any double centuries...but if I had, I could've packed enough PowerBars for all 200 miles & still had room left over for the post-ride beers.)

But I'm picking up a new road bike next week & realized I now need a seat pack. Looking on the internet at what's available, I realized I have no clue how to equate published capacity of these bags with my needs.

At the very minimum I need something that can easily accomodate 2 spare tubes, tire levers, a multitool, my cellphone & a couple PowerBars. What I'd love is the ability to also cram a folded up windbreaker in there too.

Am I talking 50 cubic inches? 90? 160?

I know, I know, I could just go down to the LBS and look at a few in person to figure out how much they hold...but it's 9:00PM on a Friday, my butt is definitely glued in front of the computer for the next N hours (where N is some number greater than 2) & the stores are all closed anyway.

Also, any recommendations for specific make/model of seat packs would be greatly appreciated.


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Helpful Harry (not verified)

Bob, based on your stated needs, I think this is what you're looking for: http://www.bobtrailers.com/trailers/yak.php

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Many options

Rivendell sells a variety of bags, large and small:


Wallingford stocks Berthoud, Brooks, and Carradice bags:



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bill vojtech (not verified)

Cell phone, ID, money, etc should be on you, not the bike. When your bike gets stolen, they get everything. How are you going to call 911 or pay for a cab ride?

See packing article on this page:


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adjudy (not verified)
aero wedge

Oh Bob, I've seen the new bike you're getting and will not let you weigh it down! See you at Toga tomorrow.


We'll discuss power bar placement and that windbreaker.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Expandable wedge
cycling trips