The Annual NYCC Tour de France Party at Blondies

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It is time again to plan the annual wings and beers fest...

Based on the profiles I have identified 4 possible nights for booking the back room at Blondies:

July 13 Val D'Aran - good stage but a little early in the tour

July 18 L Alpe d'Huez - nuff said, but it's my B'Day so I won't be there

July 19 - Another HC mountain finish

July 20.

Voice your prefs and we'll rank then nights and see when the room is free.

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Betsy (not verified)
July 13th & 20th (nm)

Cancel this vote. I forgot I'm working those nights. Waaaaaaaaaa.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
I vote for whichever one Betsy's at

Screw work honey, it's Blondies!

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Colleen (not verified)
20th (nm)
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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Uh, um, ah...where is Blondie's, if that's not too impertinent?
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Michael (not verified)
79th - Bdway/Amsterdam

Once in the bar head for the back room. They give us a wide screen and sound

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DvB (not verified)
What's a BAD day to watch the TdF????

I'd say the 18th or 19th for maximum drama content, but, really, I'll show up most any day. I'm also happy to host informal gatherings at my place -- I work at home and my TV will be hardwired to OLN for the month of July.


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zahaa (not verified)
stage 9

am i outta my mind or was stage 9 (bordeaux—dax) scheduled at blondies... thought i saw it someplace....

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Michael S (not verified)
TdF night not scheduled by me for July 11 -

But apparently there is a club meeting there that night. The racing is pretty flat on the 11th so I'll definitely try to book another night of pure race watching for a mountain stage as outlined above.

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el jefe (not verified)
Tuesday July 11 at Blondie's

The next NYCC club meeting is at Blondie's:

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TdF fan (not verified)

will they book all those nights?

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Michael (not verified)
I have booked one night the past few years

"We have had one night the past few years that has been the ""official party"", people do go others but may not have sound. It is usually pretty fun, where else can you see 6 A22+ riders sitting in a perfect echelon splitting a single order of wings (got to watch their weight), when else can you go to a bar with bad helmet hair and not get laughed at by the other patrons, we'll have a bad biker tan lines contest too if the racing is a bore."

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Blondies/Club Meeting

Blondie's is officially booked for the 11th. We usually bring in a packed house so I don't know why they wouldn't give us another night as well.

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adjudy (not verified)
18th is best

What time does it start?

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Claudette (not verified)
Any of those (nm)
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Mike Creamer (not verified)
Tour Defrance viewing at Blondies

I think Stage 15 on July 18th which finishes on Alp D' huez would be the most exciting to watch. That's my pick.

Mike C.

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Michael S (not verified)
I will speak to the manager at Blondies and try to book....

a date in the following order of preference

July 18 - Alpe de Huez
July 19
July 20

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ellen borowka (not verified)

the 13th is Dave's special event night. Lets try for another night.

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