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How light is it in Central Park after Sundown? I know there are lights in the park. Just curious.


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Sienna (not verified)

I don't know if this answers your question, but I rode at 6 A.M. throughout January and February when it was pitch black and I had no problems. The lights in the park are adequate. Just put a blinking red light on the back of your bike so that you can be seen.

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Ted (not verified)
Bright enough to ride

It is actually a lot brighter in the winter because the leaves don't block the street lights, but in general if you think it is safe, there is plenty of light to ride after dark year round.
A front flasher keeps people from walking in front of you and a back flasher keeps the park employees from running you down. Although they also might help a mugger to find you...

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chris o (not verified)
Tangent on flashing lights

Many seem to think the blinking/flashing light is the only way to go. I prefer the solid non-flashing light always, but especially in parks. Leaving aside the fact that many front flashing lights can be blinding and obnoxious to pedestrians, it is very hard to judge the distance/speed of the light source. A solid light is very visible (just as visible?), and it enables others to tell how far you are and how fast you, or they, are approaching.

I welcome any insight into the virtues of the flashing light of which I am unaware.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Several states and countries (don't ask me which, I don't remember) feel strongly enough that they've banned flashing lights because drivers fixate on them and become momentarily hypnotized, and then drive right into them because that's what they're staring at.

The manufacturers tell us that blinkies are more visible, which they are, initially, but don't mention the downside of that increased visibility. Steady lights, OTOH, are initially less visible but less likely to be run into from behind.

Go see The Andromeda Strain and decide for yourself.

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af (not verified)
Front flashing light is illegal in NYS; can only use red in rear
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Sienna (not verified)

"Hmmm, I hadn't expected such a response over the word ""blinking."" I take it back! Just put a LIGHT on the back of your bike. Riding in the darkness, I was often startled - and annoyed - when I suddenly realized that I'd approached another cyclist who was wearing all black and had no light.

In the winter I wasn't too concerned about muggers/rapists/etc. crouching in the cold, waiting for an unsuspecting cyclist. Maybe summer is different. However, with all of the talk on other threads about cyclists being injured, I have to believe that being VISIBLE is important."

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Jake (not verified)

Thanks for the info!

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