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Currently an option on Dahon folders, but too good an idea not to catch on.

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

In the words of my ipod-PC-GPS-camera-phone, convergence sucks! :-) I can't decide if that's the world's heaviest seatpost, or the world's greasiest pump.

Ok. I decided. The latter.

In other words, it might seem a reasonable idea for a bike that doesn't have anywhere to store a pump, but I think in practice, it seems like a chore to use.

- Christian

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April (not verified)

"""but too good an idea not to catch on.""

Not sure about that...

Having broken the saddle rail on one of my bikes through normal riding, I would be very hesitant to push hard on the saddle to get up to 120 psi."

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