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"All rides meet at the Boathouse Parking lot at the time indicated. Note: two A rides leave at 8am, the C ride leaves at 8:30am

The mileages are approximate as there are distance options for many routes and there is always the option to return via Metro North from Tarrytown or Phillipse Manor or subway from the Bronx. Bring your MNRR rail pass just in case....

A21, 80+ mi Timothy McCarthy, Alison Aligardo, Christy Guzzetta Meets at 8:00!

A19, 70+ mi Kim Jenkens, Rich Ramon Meets at 8:00!

A19, 60+ mi Bob Mirrell, Chaim Caron Meets at 9:00

B17, 50+ mi Rick Braun, Steve Chabra, Janette Tilley Meets at 9:00

B16, 50+ mi Linda Wintner, John Kalish Meets at 9:00

B15/16, 50+ mi Tonya Harroun, Reginald Johnson Meets at 9:00

C13, 50+mi Scott Wasserman Meets at 8:30!

This event is for NYCC Members only. Prospective members should bring a check for the appropriate amount. Visit http://www.nycc.org/home_join.shtml for more information.

Riders should sign up for the ride of their choice. The ride leaders will be contacted for the count on their ride.

Lunch consist of 4 types of wraps (Chicken teriyaki, roast beef and for the vegans roasted veggies and another of tomato, mozzarella & basil), cookies, brownies, watermelon with Gatorade and Poland Spring to drink. Seconds are permitted.

The weather forecast is good. If conditions turn unfavorable check the message board after 6:30am Saturday for updates."

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
June 24 All Class ride - update

The picnic location isn't a secret. It's at Kingsland Point Park on the Hudson, just north of Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow off Rt9/Broadway. Bellewood Ave to Palmer, cross over the Phillipse Manor MNRR station.

Piera Bettini will be co-leading the 08:00 A19 ride with Bob Mirell. Sorry for the omission.

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Bob Mirell (not verified)
Time of Start

Assuming we're not all helping to build an ark, the A-19 I'm Co-Leading with Ms. Bettini leaves at 9:00am, not 8:00.

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Neile (not verified)
If leaders email me the cue sheets, I'll post 'em

email 'em to:


download link:


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Ron Roth (not verified)

Would someone representing the club please make a statement regarding the weather we are likely to be facing tomorrow and how that might affect the plans for the day?

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