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I want to bring my bike to Boston and the Cape for a week. Amtrak only allows bikes that are boxed on 1 train, 3:15 AM. Any suggestions for other ways to go? Thanks

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Ron Grossberg (not verified)

Rent a car one-way. Usually cheaper than Amtrak particularly if you are travelling with others. Hertz and others wiill rent one-way for about $100 a day.

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hannah (not verified)
Chinatown bus

"You can bring whatever you want on the ""Chinatown bus"" to Boston. There are cargo holds that fit bikes; I've used them a couple times and not had a problem. You can even leave your panniers on for cushion. The bus costs all of about $15 and runs all the time; reservation recommended. Operators include Fung Wah, Dragon Coach, and others--a Google search will turn them up.

From Boston to the Cape I'm not sure what the options are--other than riding.

Actually, come to think of it, I've brought a bike on a Bonanza bus to Woods Hole. Bonanza goes from NYC via Providence.


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Kay Gunn (not verified)
Boston ->Provincetown ferry

You can ride the ferry from downtown Boston, near the train & bus station, to Provincetown. I'm not sure about the bike/ferry rules.

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