Recommend an optician/optometrist for riding Rx ?

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Has anyone had good experiences getting their eye exam, & eyeglass presciption written, by the in-house optometrist in your neighborhood eyewear retailer? (specifically for cycling glasses)

I've always erred on the side of caution & had my eye exams performed by a Doctor of Opthamology...but the OpthDoc I've used most recently doesn't have any appointments available until the end of September (!!)
I desperately need prescription cycling glasses before then!

D'ya think I'm being unnecessarily cautious, & that I'll be able to get a perfectly fine Rx from the optometrist in the local LensCrafter's store?

Where have you gone to get your eye exam? And, any problems getting that Rx filled by a sports eyewear manufacturer?


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Optometrist (not verified)
O.D. and M.D.'s


As an optometrist who loves cycling (I've posted before) I felt compelled to respond to your posting. Just like any other profession there are both good and bad optometrists (O.D.) and ophthalmologists (M.D.). Optometrists deal mainly with the prescribing of glasses and contacts and our 4 year post-B.S. training revolves around that. There are some superficial ocular conditions that we can treat (i.e. ocular allergies, bacterial conjunctivits, Uveitis) and we also can perform dilated fundus exams. Opthalmologists do everything mentioned including laser sugeries, cataract surgieries, and glaucoma treatment amongst other things. All this aside, depending on your rx Oakley makes good rx-able lenses and they recently introduced Transitions, which adjust darkness to the degree of sun light. Specialized also has Transitions, but I don't believe they are rx-able. So whether you go to an opthalmologist or optometrist I won't take personally, but realize you should be getting equal competence when it comes to prescribing glasses. Hope this helps.

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mike p (not verified)

who sells Rudy project rx glasses in Manhattan?
i heard there is non name brand of Rudy's , anyone have experience with them?

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Alan (not verified)
Rx Spex

I don't know about Manhattan, but I have had very good experience on-line with Rx-Spex ( They sell all major brands, the prices are competitive, and the owner(s) are cyclists. I bought Bolle frames and Rx lenses from them with a strong progressive bifocal prescription. THey have worked well for me .

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