Wed. B ride

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...and we'll see if we have a few people to enjoy a gorgeous ride up to Piermont or Nyack.

Check back later this eve to see if we nabbed a few of you.

This ride leaves from Eleanor Roosevelt at 9.30. We ride up Riverside Dr, over the GWB, and take River Road. We should be back on the NYC side of the GWB by about 2.30.

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Adam Hagan (not verified)
Wed ride

I'm in, should be great/hot weather!

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REJudson (not verified)
Wed ride

I'm in.


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Karen (not verified)

I'd like to come ...

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Amy Blau (not verified)
I'm in for Wed ride

I'm in for Wednesday ride. May bail at Piermont.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

See you in the am!

Jud will want to be back early enough to make 3 pm Netherlands vs Argentina. So we'll probably go to Nyack.

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