cycle in money, don't do it with a tour group!

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Looking for a cycling companion to cycle through Italy with me in August. I am in my late 20's. Prefer the company of someone in their 20 's or 30's. Older okay if you are fun!camping and youth hostels only.

[email protected]

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Greg Faber (not verified)

you'll have an awesome time, but beware, august is the hottest month in Italy. Wish I could go!!

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Cat (not verified)
a good reference book

"You might want to check out ""Cycling Italy"" which is published by Lonely Planet (or Rough Guide, i forget which). Though not quite as complete and comprehensive as ""Cycling Britain"" it is a very good resource for the solo (or group) traveler.

Just check in the index that the area you intend to visit is well covered. If it's not, it's not necesssarily a bad destination, just the wrong book!

If you're on the Northern Adriatic Coast, check out the amazing panoramic coastal road. Have a great time!


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Jay (not verified)
I def recommend the mtns in Aug

challenging but not as hot as the rest of Italy! Dolomites or Alps;;;Look at Ciclismo Classico web site to get ideas Let me know if you have any questions

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Chris Kohler (not verified)

When booking hostels dont foget to ask if they accept bikes. Some do, some dont. You dont want to show up at 11pm, and find out you cant keep your bike there. Also check to see if you can bring your bike in your room or if there is a safe place inside to keep them. Many places have the standard outside bike parking stands and consider them safe - maybe for a rusty $50 commuter.

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