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Looks like Richard's normal Sun morn A19 ride w. hills was listed for today. Don't know if he will be going out again tomorrow, but looking to do one of his style rides. Anyone game (and knows the way)?


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mangold (not verified)
If anyone wants to leave at 8am sharp...

"I was planning on doing Richard's ride tomorrow too - until I saw your message - so thanks for posting - I just ""assumed"" it would be happening - never assume anything, of course.

I'll be at the Boat House before 8am to leave AT 8am - I know the way. If yourself or anyone else wants to do hills - I'm going!


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Ron (not verified)

I will probably go (not 100% sure), but why not leave at 8:15am? That way you/we can get others who assume Richard's 8:15am ride is on. Just a thought

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