Newcomers Ride

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If you've been spending more time surfing the web and reading the message board and less time on your bike, this message is for YOU.

The Newcomers ride is a fun less competitve club ride with all kinds of friendly people. You don't have to be a member and you need not be a newcomer to be welcome.

We meet at the Central Park boathouse tomorrow, Saturday @ 9:00 am.

You'll be glad you came.

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Betsy (not verified)
Thank you

A big thank you to Gary for organizing this, and all the ride leaders for (once again) selflessly volunteering your time, energy and good cheer to make this ride a success. It was a great day.

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jc (not verified)

Thanks for another great Newcomers Ride.

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Gary (not verified)
ABC groups

The following group leaders:

C12 (from GWB)
Mitchell Fink
Carol Krol
Denise Holgate

Gary McGraime
Sarit Levy
Susan Niederman

Linda Wintner
Cathy Martone
David Hallerman
John Kalish
Liz Peterson

Hal Eskenazi
Dave Sabbarese

Rick Braun
Steve Chabra
More McCormack

Ed White
Grace Pineda

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Cindy Brome (not verified)
C12 ride

Does this mean the C12 ride starts at the bridge at 9am?

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Gary (not verified)
C12 meets @ GWB

The C12 meets at the GWB terminal entrance (under the bridge) @ 9:45 AM. Contact C12 ride leader Mitchell Fink if you have any questions.

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Mitchell Fink (not verified)
C12 meeting at 9:45 AM

We will meet at the west entrance to the GWB Bus station entrance on Ft Washington between 178th & 179 at 9:45 AM

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