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I'm thinking of getting the SL28s from their website:

Only $200, weight- 1710g, and the 11 reviews from road bike review only had good things to say about these wheels and said they were a great value since you aren't paying for the name brand.

Thought I'd share what I found and ask if anybody knew anything more about these wheels?

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John Miller (not verified)

"I couldn't find actual specs on the Rol site, but the hub and the rim look identical as wheels from Neuvation:

Like Rol, Neuvations are also sold more-or-less direct from the Web; their value comes from allegedly low marketing costs and transparent reliance on Chinese manufacturing; and they come with near-impeccable ratings (particularly for customer service) on roadbikereview.

Interestingly, Neuvation reviewers from 2005 and earlier noted occasional hub issues, which the company quickly repaired/replaced. I can't remember where, but there is copy somewhere on the Neuvation site claiming ""new and improved"" hubs for 2006 across the product line. The Rol wheels priced at $199 are advertised as 2005 closeouts. It may be only a circumstantial coincidence, but there also may be connection.

Some would use the ""you get what you pay for"" argument. Mavic Kysrium SLs are also 1700g, but also $800 and have ubiquitous reliability. My previous wheels were Bontrager Race that I bought for $300, beat up over 2 seasons of A-Sig riding and racing. They still spin up really well but the rims are dented beyond truing.

The Rol wheels remind me of Neuvations because I did my own research this spring, and I'm debuting a set of Neuvation R28SLs ($400) at tomorrow's Prospect Park race and Sunday's Harlem criteriums. I can think of no better crucible to find out if I got what I paid for."

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

I think Ksyrium SSC SLs have ubiquitous unreliability.

They seem to love to pull eyelets out of the rim, and if I had a dollar for every freehub problem that I know of first hand, I'd have like $7. When's the last time you heard about a freehub problem on a Dura-Ace or Record hub?

I've heard pretty good things about the Neuvations as well, but at that price, you could also get a set of custom Ultegra hubs laced into Velocity Aerohead/Aerohead OC with Wheelsmit 14/15 spokes and brass nips. Perfect!

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DvB (not verified)

+1 in every respect.

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hannah (not verified)
speaking of eyelets

I've had two eyelets come loose on the rear wheel of my Romulus. One of the eyelet-free spoke gets loose easily now. What to do? (Solution so far: cut off the eyelets so they don't jingle, tighten spoke as needed.)


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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

Solution: Replace rim.

Sorry, but that's it.

- Christian

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don montalvo (not verified)
"""denting beyond truing"""

truing a wheel to make up for dents is not best practice. i'm a huge fan of neuvation wheels. the support is high and the price is low.


john wrote:

> They still spin up really well but the rims are dented beyond truing.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Commenting on the Hubs & Rider Weight

"The hubs look like the hubs I have on my Velocity wheelset. Most likely they are made by Formula

I have over 20,0000+ miles on my Formula hubs over the past 3.5 years and they have been problem free. The hub flanges are very beefy (strong) - which is good for a low count spoke wheel.

They are super smooth, sealed catridge design and just as good as Shimano hubs, if not better, with its 3 pawl design vs 2. For instance, I never get that large snap sound that happens on very infrequent occasion with Shimano's pawls engaging.

If the wheels are built well, as in properly tensioned and your weight is within spec for the wheels*, they should be a fine selection.

* about 170lbs, it's likely for that (16/20) spoke count and (27) rim depth per the spec Velocity provided me for a similar speced wheelset."

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Julia (not verified)
I have these wheels


I recently bought a pair of these wheels, and have nothing but good things to say. I have only had them about a month, but I have probably already rode at least 500 miles on them.

I should say that Sean, the owner of Rol Wheels, provided excellent customer service. He shipped the wheels promptly, included a few extra spokes, and even called me a few days after the wheels arrived to make sure everything was satisfactory.

They are nice wheels, light, fast, etc... Hopefully they will be durable too, but if they aren't, I know that Sean will take them back and fix them right up.

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Richard P. (not verified)

Julia, that is great. Just what I was looking for! I couldn't wait, I purchased the wheels online on Saturday. Didn't want to lose out on the $200 deal. How long does it take for them to be received?

Peter, sounds sweet about the hubs. I'm 155-160lbs so I think I should be good for these wheels, thanks for the info!

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