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Tuesday, June 20th, the annual “Longest Day of the Year Double Half Century” ride. The what?

5:00 AM from the boathouse, A 20/21ish ride to Nyack via River Road (avoid traffic). 15 minute coffee break at the
Runcible before heading back to the City – again via River Road (avoid traffic). Hoping to be back in NYC 8:30 AM so I’m not too late for work.

That’s the first half of the ride. Then . . . the second half . . . . .begins at 5:00 PM again from the Boathouse. We do the same exact ride . . . . .again.
To the Runcible via River Road (avoid traffic), 15 minute break, then head back to the City – again via River Road –again to avoid traffic. Hoping to get back home at 8:30 PM or so.

“Double Half Century” – get it?

One day of the year, be naughty, get to work a little late, leave a little early, get away with something, have some glorious midweek fun on your bike.

Both rides leave at 5:00 O’clock sharp (AM and PM). Don’t be late, by 5:02 we are gone. We’ll sign up at the Runcible. No maps. I can’t imagine we’ll be too social at 5:00 AM . . . . . but let’s try.

Come for one of the two rides, or come for both.

Tell your friends – all are welcome.

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af (not verified)
Only problem is:

the longest day of the year is Wednesday, June 21 this year. (Summer solstice is at about 8:26 am EDT, 21 June 2006.)

Of course, you can do a double half century any day you like, but Tuesday's daylight is about 1 minute shorter than Wednesday's (Thursday's is also a little longer than Tuesday's).

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ck (not verified)
double half century

Sounds like a cool idea! I hope to join you for both segments, (assuming the GWB issue in the AM is resolved.)

Since I work in Hoboken, I would leave your AM ride before you recross to the GWB on the return; and join it there in the PM (would meet you at the GWB at 5:15pm to await your group).

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ck (not verified)
Part 1 was great!

Needed to be back here for a 10am meeting, hence my need to hammer back.
Hope to meet up with you again for part 2. I'll likely meet you at the GWB (we got there 5:39am this morning). Lucky me - I get to avoid the stairs for half the time.

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Marc (not verified)

I thought the pathway across the GWB only opens at 6am or are you planning on taking the road all the way across? In any case the South pathway was shut this am, the North was open (although it was just after 6).

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melissa (not verified)
For a stretch last fall, the path didn't open until 6am, but...

....I've been going out before 6am regularly during the week for the last several months, and the south path has consistently been open...until today (and supposedly, from now until Sept 11 - bummer!) However, north path was open before 6am. I was there.

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