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I'm seeking a route to Sandy Hook, N.J. I used to ride thru Staten Island, over the Goethals Bridge, and had a pretty nice route to Sandy Hook from there. Seems like the Goethals is not passable nor will it be for some time. I'd like to ride to Sandy Hook and take the Ferry back - don't really want to take the Ferry both ways. Any ideas? I've never ridden over the Outerbridge Crossing bridge. Is that doable? Other ideas?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Strike two.

Outerbridge Crossing:

No bike or pedestrian path. Ped/bike access was removed in 1963 to accommodate modern and wider vehicles in the absence of shoulder.

I had the same kind of idea but I dropped it, primarily because the ferries are too few and too far between (and if the ferry is full and we don't have reservations do you think they'll make room for stinky sweaty cyclists with our greasy bicycles?)

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ck (not verified)
get route via

You can avoid S.I altogether and ride on the Jersey side.
A 27 mile route from the Ferry at Hoboken, NJ (Or Jersey City) to South Amboy can be pieced together at the site.

An urban adventure for sure!

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
To Sandy Hook

If you're already starting your ride with a ferry or PATH to Hoboken or Jersey City, you might as well take the PATH to Newark and start from there.

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Ron Grossberg (not verified)

New Jersey Transit has trains along the Bay Head Line that go to Woodbridge, Perth Amboy and South Amboy. All of these would be good starting points for a ride to Sandy Hook.

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