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"A while ago I was having serious “saddle comfort” problems. Finding the right saddle became a quest, an obsession. I researched saddles, bought saddles, borrowed saddles. Now I need to clear out the closet. Given how personal saddle fit is, some of my rejects might be your ideal. All are in mint condition (they’re even back in the boxes they came in). Call me at 212-799-0678 or e-mail [email protected].

_- Selle Italia Flite Genuine Gel. The classic Flite saddle with an added bit of gel padding in the center. I have nothing bad to say about this saddle. But I’m more comfortable with cut-out. $40.00

- Selle San Marco Aero. “Ergonomic” model with a cut out and a “patented shock absorbing system” (whatever that means). Light weight and looks comfy, but the shape isn’t right for me. $30.00

- Selle Italia SLC Gelflow. One of SI’s newest models, with cf in the undercarriage and a split rear. I really wanted to like this saddle. It looks cool and is amazingly light for a saddle with some padding. But no matter how I adjusted it, it just didn’t work for me. $65.00.

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ben (not verified)
which did you finally choose?

I'm just wondering which saddle you eventually decided upon? I had a selle italia gel saddle and tried a selle san marco aero but neither worked for me. Finally i went with a specialized Toupe because, although it made my tailbones a little more sore, it didn't pinch any nerves elsewhere -- even after hours on rollers.

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Marion (not verified)
the saddles

Hi there,

Are the saddles still available? I tried emailing you - but I take it your email was like mine above here...ficticious!

Please let me know what's left (if any) I'm interested!



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Bob (not verified)

Still available. I've been out of town and slow responding. But the e-mail address is real. I've e-mailed you off line.

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