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"There's an increasingly heated discussion at the Brooklynian message bords about the use of Prospect Park by evil ""bikers"". I'm doing my part, but i'm outnumbered."

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

Bad link?

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Sienna (not verified)
worked for me

The link worked for me.

By the way... I read the Prospect Park cycling rules and I didn't notice a 15mph speed limit - ?

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Joe (not verified)
PP cyclists cs. peds...

I must admit that as a serious cyclist (now sadly exiled from park slope), I was stunned many a time by how rude the cyclists in prospect park were when I was out running. I'm a triathlete and sit on both sides of the usage spectrum and I've almost resorted to violence against one cyclist. I never treat runners the way this guy treated me. I also think he's assocaited with Slope Sports, which made me a permanent Jack Rabbit patron.

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ben (not verified)

The referenced thread is why i don't think CP lap should be closed to traffic all of the time. Having cars in the park reminds regular peds & tourists that it's a road and to treat it like one.

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George Arcarola (not verified)

Ben, last year I would have strongly disagreed. This year however, I've made much more use of the Park, and I think you have a valid point.


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