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Anyone bike over the Goethals Bridge in Staten Island of late? Is it passable? Anyone know anything about it? Or how I could find out?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
still closed


Goethals Bridge
The sidewalk at the Goethals Bridge is closed to all pedestrians and motorists. The sidewalk will be replaced as part of the Goethals Bridge Roadway Replacement Project beginning in Spring 2004.

This is the project that was due to be completed by 2003. With any luck, some of us may still be alive when it reopens.

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Ron Grossberg (not verified)

Web site for port authority says path will reopen in 2006.
I have passed it recently and there is no sign that it will reopen anytime soon. I have e-mailed the port authority to ask but they never respond.

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

You guys are great - thanks for the info.
See new post seeking route ideas.
Do you have any?
Thanks again.

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
Goethals Bridge

"Boy Christy, I can sympathize w/ you. I remember the ""old"" days ,late 70;s when that bridge was part of our regular route out to Princton. i drove over it last weekend ,and as the previous post states , ""w/ any luck some of us might still be alive when it's finaly opened."" Now what about that other blunder in NYC.. Verrazano Br.
Ciao ......Tony"

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Sarit Levy (not verified)
Verrazano Bridge bicycle advocacy

According to Noah at TA, we should be writing to the following person to urge the MTA to allow bicycles on buses or for them to install bike racks:

Millard L. Seay

Senior Vice President for Buses

MTA New York City Transit

370 Jay Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Surely as a large group, we can put pressure on them to make changes that would allow us access to Staten Island over the Verrazano Bridge.

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