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"Alfredo Garcia, long-time NYCC member, Ride Leader Extraordinaire and all-around Great Guy is home convalescing after undergoing a laparoscopy. Seems as though his medical team though he'd be a lot quicker on his bike after they removed 12 inches (yeah, ONE FOOT) of his large intestine. I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping to see him on his bike again in the very near future. For those who'd like to extend their good wishes, you can reach him @ ""[email protected]"" I envy him one thing, he is getting to take in all the World Cup games!"

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John Miller (not verified)
Best wishes

Alfredo will not remember me, but he was the leader on one of my very first group rides, a 5bbc Montauk century training ride to Oyster Bay in 2003. I still remember his friendliness to my nervousness and his pre-ride bike check routine that i still do at my front door before taking off in the morning.

Alfredo, hope you're back on the road soon. And don't forget -- one foot of your large intestine is that much less large intestine you have to drag up the hills . . .

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Liane (not verified)
Get well soon

Hi Alfredo,
Hope you have a speedy recovery. I heard a nice glas of halo-halo will do wonders.

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Jay (not verified)
Alfredo we hope to see you on your bike again soon

I am overseas now and am unable to email you at the yahoo address in Dave's posting

Feel good!

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