Can you tell who won this stage from the NYTimes' report of it?

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  • Can you tell who won this stage from the NYTimes' report of it?
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"The below appeared in the ""Sports Briefing"" of the June 13 New York Times sports section. It was from the Reuters wire and, obviously, was transmitted without any understanding of what it actually meant by both Reuters and the Times. Emphasis added.

BELGIAN LEADS THE WAY Nick Nuyens of Belgium used a strong sprint finish to *win* the 114.3-mile third stage of the Tour of Switzerland and take the overall lead. Oscar Freire of Spain *won* the stage and was in fifth place over all, 11 seconds behind Nuyens.

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Sebastian (not verified)
cycling journalists at the NY Times

I have noticed on a few occasions in these short cyclng news items in the Times that the person who writes them has no clue whatsoever about cycling and is utterly confused. By the fact for example that one can win stages and not lead overall.

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An anonymous cow (not verified)

I think it's likely that those are wire service reports.

Sam Abt, who writes the cycling coverage for the Times is probably one of the few American journalists who really knows cycling.

Actually, come to think of it, he writes for IHT as well. Is he a New Yorker? Does he even live in the colonies? Maybe he's not American at all?

- Christian

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af (not verified)
Samuel Abt is an American,

but he lives in Europe. He has written for the IHT for years, as well as doing quite a few books. His connection with the NYT is probably because they own the IHT (previously had several partners in ownership, which they acquired in the first place after losing the international competition with the IHT in the 1960s).

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