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I am going to be in Queens this weekend and am looking for a 50-75 mile ride in my area. Does anyone have any cue sheets you could send me? I would be interested in something in Queens/Brooklyn, or Queens/LI (I am in Queens Village).


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Mark Gelles (not verified)
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Neile (not verified)
from 5BBC Day rides

Sunday, June 18th

8AM, Doughnut Plant (SW corner Grand St and Norfolk St), 75+ miles (Quick Spin)

This is the newest and longest Perimeter ride: the combined Brooklyn and Queens ride. Follow the waterfronts around the edges. Note: the new starting point is near the Williamsburg Bridge. Travel light, bring water and pocket food. We will be riding at a pace of 17mph average. Leaders Danny Lieberman and Mark Trainor.

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Junko (not verified)

Thanks for the links. I did see the ride posted for Sunday, but unfortunately I am only free to ride on Saturday. (I am coming down for Father's day).
That ride sounds perfect though. If anyone has the cue sheets for that ride that would be wonderful.
I will check out the rides on the other link too.

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