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I've read mentioned the existence of a pack ride starting out of Little Neck. Does anyone know when and where they meet or have other info about the ride?

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johnlmiller (not verified)

This is the Gimbels ride for riders in Brooklyn or Queens. The ride meets at the triangle made by the Long Island Expressway service road, 254th Street and 57th Avenue. It's a loop ride that will take you out via mostly the service road to just over the Suffolk border, into the hills at approximately Cold Spring Harbor, then the harder, north-shore route back to Little Neck parkway. The loop is about 40 miles, add in about 20 miles each way from Grand Army Plaza.

My personal knowledge is limited -- I went twice over the winter and got dropped when it went uphill, slogging home over 25A each time. Mostly racers and A-type riders; the ride starts out cooperatively and on a nice enough day there may be a diversity of abilities in the pack. But it is a non-stop, eat-while-you pedal type ride.

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el jefe (not verified)
Little Neck

Here's a better link, but it doesn't have complete info:

The fast ride starts at 8:30am every Saturday and Sunday year round. Ay 8:00am there's a slower version that leaves from the same place, doing an almost identical route.

The Sunday ride is longer and hillier than the Saturday ride. They're equally fast.

There's also a Tuesday and Thursday evening ride that's similar to the Saturday ride. It leaves at 6:00pm from the same spot from May thru August.

I'll be out there tomorrow.

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hannah (not verified)

This explains the colorful group that buzzed by the BSIG in the opposite direction when we were on our way to Oyster Bay.

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Charles P. (not verified)

Here's an article that provides some color on the ride:

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Steve (not verified)

Wrong ride, that is the Gimbels ride, not the long island ride.

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Queens Cyclist (not verified)
Thanks for the info

I'll try to make it out there for the early slower ride first time out, in order to check it out. Thanks all.

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