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Looks like I'm going to have July off. I'm thinking about grabbing a last minute slot on a Tour De France package that includes some race viewing and several days of riding. I need to be back and rested for Ironman Lake Placid, so early July is better.

Does anyone have any interest or suggestions of tour companies to look into? There seem to be a lot!!

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Carol (not verified)

This company has a three Tour tours - one in Alsace, one in the Pyrenees and one in the Alps. It's an excellent company - I've done 10 tours with them and am about to do a 6 week tour from St. Petersburg to Istanbul with them. Each of their Tour tours is about 1 week and costs around $3,000. You get riding plus watching.

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hannah (not verified)
see this thread
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Jay (not verified)
Breaking Away

we did their tour a number of years ago and it was definitely a positive experience i think they were the first to do it Enjoy!

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Rob (not verified)
Velo Ecchape

I've known these people for years and several who've loved their tours:

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Sebastian (not verified)
cycling in france

if you want to experience the French Alps by bicycle I would recommend going when they're not flooded by millions of drunken lunatics and 1500 Tour de France support vehicles pesting up the air and driving like maniacs. Plus the race is better to watch on TV anyway where you see more than 25 seconds of the riders

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jimmora (not verified)

Thanks for all the feedback!

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