NYCC rider wins two stages of car race?

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"Es Verdad?

""Coming in second were early leaders Pastrana and Edstrom (won won stages 2 and 8). Pastrana had a flat left rear tire with about four miles left in stage 9. Travis decided to drive on the flat, but a half mile from the finish line Pastrana went off the road and down into a small ditch puncturing the right front tire. After limping to the finish, the team was able to change the right front, but had to leave the left rear flat tire on the car for the last stage. Co-driver Edstrom tried to convince Pastrana that they should take it easy on Stage 10 and just make it to the finish, but the competitive nature took over. Pastrana pushed, in an effort to maintain their second place position, and it paid off for them, beating O’Sullivan by a mere four seconds.""

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An anonymous cow (not verified)
Rally Cow?

"Si, es la verdad. La vaca anonima es un co-piloto de automoviles de rally cuando no esta en su bicicleta.

Puedes leer mas aqui: y

Thanks for asking! We're first in the championship now, and we're debuting new cars (400lbs lighter, more hp, other secrets) in July, so it's looking pretty good this year. And in case you're wondering, Travis is a cyclist, too. He just finished a solo double century with a 16.9mph average.

- Christian"

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Bob Shay (not verified)
Competitive gene

"I can only imagine what it feels like riding with Travis. I rode motocross with a national champion (Marty Smith) and he has a ""go fast, do whatever it takes to win"" gene that is awe inspiring. He always pushed a little harder than I ever would. Talk about going scary fast...."

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Peter (not verified)

I remember Marty Smith.

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