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I'm not sure who to send this to so I'll put it here and hopefully the right person will see this.

I think that to the left of the board there should be a link that reads

Posting for the first time?

and clicking on it will get to the message below:

Welcome to the NYCC message board! This is a highly active board serving a diverse New York and international cycling community.

One thing you should know: certain questions seem to get asked often on this board, such as:
Where can I find the best bike shop in New York City?
Can someone teach me to ride a bike?
What’s the best kind of bike for a new rider?

Before you post a question that might have already been addressed here, we encourage you to SEARCH this board (using the feature on the left side) over the past year or more to see whether your question has come up already. We want to be helpful and share information and knowledge, but it is hard to answer (and read!) the same questions again and again.

Thanks & happy posting!

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Timothy McCarthy (not verified)

You make a good point. We will consider this.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

A brief explanation on how to format text and links would be nice. This is from another board I visit, but it does not seem to work on our board:

Text Markup Tags

[b] text [/b]

[i] text [/i]

[u] text [/u]

[url]http://link [/url]

Link (named)
[url=http://link] text [/url]

[email] address [/email]

List Item
[*] text

[quote] text [/quote]

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April (not verified)
it works better here!

">This is from another board I visit, but it does not seem to work on our board:
[b] text [/b]

[i] text [/i]

Instead of having to type all that funky stuff, all you have to do is highlight the text you want to turn bold/italic, then click on the ""B"" above the box...



But if you insist to type those things by hand, it's angle bracket instead of square ones."

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[email protected] (not verified)
they work here





Email: [email protected]

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