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The ""hourly weather graph"" predictions at for Middletown, Higganum, New Haven, CT are all pretty dismal through tomorrow evening. At this weather site, anything above 85% for several consecutive hours has been a cert for some rain so far this year & the predicted accumulation in inches at the bottom of the graph is also a fairly significant number (90% chance of 0.02-0.05 inches usually does not mess up a bike ride, but 90% of an inch or more over time is a bit messy).

30% or below has meant it probably won't rain, but you might feel a few drops; there have been several nice, completely or mostly rain-free rides this year with 20% or 30% precipitation probability.

50%'s for Saturday early in the week (eg Wednesday) have sometimes diminished to 20% by Friday, but usually by Friday night Saturday's predictions don't change much. [One week it went from 50% for Sat (on Wed) to 40% for Sat (on Thu) to 25% for Sat (on Fri) ]

Bottom line: It's 9pm Friday night, and the pptn prob is above 85% for all of Saturday during the day and doesn't fall to 50% until after Sunday at midnight. Let us woefully cancel."

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art (not verified)
huh? (nm)
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Jonathan Friedman (not verified)

Woke up this AM and they changed the predix. Oh well. Roads still a bit slick.

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