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Anyone know when the new section of the path around the sewage treatment plant is going to open? I rode by there yesterday and it looked like they were finishing painting lines on the pavement, but it was still fenced off. Also, what's going on with the construction along the shore at 125th Street (where there used to be a parking lot) -- will that be converted to a path joining the path around the treatment plant?

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Somebody (not verified)

I don't know that it was finished but I rode it about three weeks ago.

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Etoain Shrdlu (not verified)
Parking Lot

"If you're talking about the parking lot directly across the street/road/highway approach from Fairway, I think it's going to remain a parking lot for Fairway. They're just repaving it, if I read the sign correctly the last time I passed by.

Fairway's business and a few bazillion shoppers have too much of a stake in the property to let it become a mere bicycle path.

""Follow the money.""
--Prizic the Banker

Your pal,
Etoain Shrdlu"

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Alan (not verified)
Parking Lot

If that's true, that's too bad - although maybe you'll be able to ride through the parking lot and connect with the path? Now, with the barriers in place, you come off the ramp from Cherry Walk and make a hard right (avoiding the guy who's fishing...) and go over a pretty lousy asphalt curb ramp. I thought there had once been a plan to take the Greenway off the street up there, so I was hoping the former-and-possibly-future parking lot was it.

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)

There's more going on than just a repaving of the supermarket's parking lot. Many of the signs indicate that the work is state funded and related to the environment.

The Greenway master plan does have a provision for an off-road path, to be completed next year:


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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Farther north

A few blocks north of the Fairway parking lot is another soon-to-be-completed segment of the Greenway. It's short - hardly more than the length of the sewage treatment plant - but quite deluxe. According to the signs, the work should have been completed some weeks ago.

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esass (not verified)
Sewage Bikeway

The path has been paved for several weeks now. They have started striping, but whenever I go by (around 6:15am or 4pm), it is blocked off with nobody working.

Sometimes on Monday mornings, the barricades have been pushed aside and you can ride through. Very nice ride. Can't wait to get off the service road.

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nycc member (not verified)

I could be wrong ,but I think the construction in the parking lot is the begining of a new pier & probably a small park

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rick (not verified)
parking lot

I read awhile back that Fairway was originally leasing the property from the city. It is publicly owned land, and will not be returned as a parking lot. Not sure what it will be, though. Hopefully a park with a bike lane!

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Rich (not verified)
It's not going to be a Fairway Parking lot

The greenway is going to continue through the empty lot and the fairway parking lot adjacent to the Hudson River north of 125th. It will probably take a couple of years to finish construction, and a couple more years to add the pavement stripes. It will keep going straight, under the various ramps/overpasses, until it connects to the new path that was just built next to the water treatment plant.
If you look at what they are doing at the old fairway parking lot, they are putting some pilings out into the river--this is going to be a park area with the bike path running through it.
As for the new path next to the water treatment plant, they are taking FOREVER to stripe it. It took less time to repave and stripe the west side highway from 125th to 103rd, than it has to just put stripes on this half-mile section of bike path. I don't know what the holdup is.


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Larry R (not verified)
greenway by Fairway

Mayor Bloomberg and Congressman Rangel Break Ground on West Harlem Piers ( 10/31/2005 )

$18.7 Million Project To Revitalize West Harlem Waterfront
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Congressman Charles B. Rangel today broke ground on construction of the West Harlem Piers, an $18.7 million project that will connect West Harlem to the rest of the Manhattan waterfront greenway. The project is a part of the City’s West Harlem Master Plan that the Mayor announced in October of 2002, the goal of which is to revitalize the area between 125th and 135th Streets, Broadway and the Hudson River in West Harlem. The Harlem Piers project calls for a new bicycle and pedestrian path, a docking pier, a recreational and fishing pier, and landscaped open space that will reclaim the waterfront for pedestrian and recreational use.

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Alan (not verified)
Update on June 4

"As of this afternoon, the segment by the sewer plant is not officially open but is being used. The orange construction fencing was pushed aside on both ends. The pavement is great; it looks like they are still painting the markings on the asphalt and also they have not finished the granite block ""shoulder"" on the RR track side. Also, be aware: there is no ramp from the street to the path, and there is a deep rut that is full of water. Don't fall like I did."

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