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Hi, I am new to outdoor biking (I mean - I have been doing spin classes for a while:) ). I have a mountain bike that was given to me - can I do some of the beginner rides on that bike or do I need to get a road bike? Also, what are some good road bikes for women?


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bill vojtech (not verified)

Put narrow smooth tires on your mountain bike for road riding.

As for bikes for women, you need to try them or get sized up by someone who knows how to fit people.

In general, women are longer legged than men of the same height, so they tend to need bikes with shorter top tubes.

Shorter riders of either sex might be better off with 650 wheels instead of 700.

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Polina (not verified)

Thank you! I will research the options that all of you suggested. Putting smooth tires on the mountain bike was something I had not thought about, but sounds easy to get me started - thanks.

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Isaac (not verified)

"Polina, I've seen lots of people do the C rides with MTBs, even with big knobby tires. Yes, trading for narrower, smoother ones will give you an edge, as will tightening your suspension (dial the two little knobs on the fork to the right). Ask your ride leader or mates for fit tips.

My experience with spinning is that the instructors actually work you harder (though for a shorter interval) than an actual ride on the road, so you're coming in with a ""reserve"" of energy. Have fun!"

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Allison (not verified)

I did the first half of the C-Sig last year on a hybrid. I found I could hack it up to 50 miles, but some made it all the way through. You're making it a lot harder for yourself, however!

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Search this MB


These questions get asked a lot. Use the ""search"" function of this message board to look for key words.

Here's a recent thread, for instance.

You can definitely ride a mountain bike on many club rides, but you may soon be wanting something swifter for the road. If you decide to buy a new bike, talk to lots of people--it's an important decision!


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