SQUEAKY BRAKES! How do I stop the noise?

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"So I just replaced all four pads on my Trek hybrid's cantilever brakes (...for the first time in eleven years, he admits sheepishly).

Recognizing the potential for my own mechanical ineptitude, I then brought the bike into the LBS to have them adjust th e brakes: center them, set the spacing, tweak the cable tension, whatever the heck professional wrenches do when an idiot like me brings a bike in and says ""Brakes Need Adjusting.""

And they did a fine job, inasmuch as the bike stops firmly, assuredly, a n d decisively. Except the front brake also makes A GODAWFUL CATERWAULING SQUEAL when I use it. I'm talking serious diesel bus/garbage truck kind of brake squealing, a louder, more horrific shreiking than even war-mongering banshees would emit. It's deaf e ni ng, it's embarassing, and it's relentless. Mostly happens when I'm going down hill and/or coming to a quick stop. Once it starts, no matter how gently I try modulating the brakes, it just keeps going, like a siren. People four blocks away are duckin g & co vering.

And the back brakes, which are the exact same pad, are perfectly silent.

Any ideas? I beg of you...my ride partners beseech you...my neighbors implore you.



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Bob Ross (not verified)
and by the way, what's up w/ the weird text formatting?

"(I swear those arbitrary spaces weren't there when I typed that message...but as soon as I hit ""Continue"" all sorts of random characters are getting inserted in my message! Like that ""oi"" at the end; that was completely fabricated by the web page. 'cuz if I meant it I would've spelled it ""OY!""

Can't wait to see what happens to this message...

Okay, sorry for the digression, back to the squeaky brakes, please.)"

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

The brake pads are probably making contact with the rims flat on - sort of like chalk on the blackboard - remember that horrific squealing squeak? Bend the calipers ever so slightly so the pads are making contact with the rims on a very slight angle. Very, very slight will do. And don't be surprised if the squeak disappears.

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Neile (not verified)
"""And they did a fine job"""

"No they didn't. Bring it back.


Alternately, here's a link to the Park Tool site on brake adjustment. Note the Cantilever section w/illustrations on pad ""toeing"" and ""shim"".


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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"Did they or you clean or sand the wheel rims?

Let them ride the bike before you take it home. Kinda like ""Hey NOW I SEE THE PROBLEM"" first hand.


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bill vojtech (not verified)

Clean rim with brillo. Rough up brake pads with emery cloth. Make front ends of brake pad contact rim first.

Cantilever and V-brakes are tough to set up.

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