A21 River Rd. Wednesday Night (5/31)

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Meet 6:45 PM on 72nd & Riverside at the Eleanor Roosevelt Statue. Bring front and rear lights.

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Riding River Rd (Henry Hudson Dr) at dusk

Several weeks ago as I headed south down the hill a Park Officer warned me about riding in the park after dusk. I didn't stick around to argue have ridden there after dark with lights and recalling no signs about the park being closed at dusk, to cycists or anyone else.

Of course lights are always a good idea returning from NJ in the dark, might prevent a dooring on RSD.

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Peter Brevett (not verified)


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paul Sciabica (not verified)
river road

in. meet you at riverside and 106 as you make your way north. I'll be waiting per your 6:45 / 72nd street start.


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Rob M (not verified)
Update on the rocks

Can you give us an update on the rocks when you get home:




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Peter Brevett (not verified)

No Rocks. Maybe a little sand, but who notices that kind of stuff when you are focused on climbing? :)

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Derek (not verified)

You're a climbing stud, Petey. We should get you a polka dot jersey!

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

Thanks for the complement, but there are PLENTY of people who should be wearing polka dots before me.

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Mitch (not verified)
Rocks... Park Closes at Dusk

"hi... some gravel and sand spattered along Alpine near the top as of this AM. Signs say ""Park Closes At Dusk"""

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Mike Beckerman (not verified)
Ride is ON

"We're on for 6:45 PM. Sunset is scheduled for 8:20 (""dusk"" occurs sometime thereafter), so we should be back over the bridge before it gets too dark. Regardless, bring front and rear lights. As Fred Steinberg pointed out, they'll make you (and us) safer on Riverside Drive.

Paul, we'll look for you at 106th."

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