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Hi Guys & Gals,

Check out the below links to this simple device that claims to improve your lung capacity and improve your sports performance. I'm not associated with this product in any manner.

Just asking if anyone has any experience or positive/negative feedback on this process. Sounds like its possible to improve lung capacity, but are there other ways to achieve that?

Could be a good way to work your lungs and diaphragm on those cold or raining days.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

I've seen specific refutation of the claims. Unfortunately, I not only can't remember where, I'm currently able to find only subjective claims and wild praise for it.

Look at it another way - if it worked, wouldn't there be at least a half-dozen people posting their success stories here?

Caveat emptor.

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winded (not verified)
Breath training

I suppose you're right...but then again, if it gave the pros an advantage, they might NOT want too many people knowing this.

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tailwind (not verified)

Yoga is a great way to lenghten and deepen the breath naturally. There are specific books on pranayama or breath control/extension. Also, attend a yoga class and ask a teacher.

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Jonathan Shannon (not verified)
I second that. Pranayama is great for cycling (nm)
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DS Jordan (not verified)

Measurable (volume and frequency) training medical device used by professional and amateur/recreational cyclists, too many to list...and confidential...
Developed for lung disease. Better than Yoga or any other device.
Contact, I have worked with them for year and half with incredible results.

David Sean Jordan

(I will be relocating back to NYC this summer if anyone has further questions.)

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Jonathan Shannon (not verified)
For that money

($800) I'd rather have the yoga mat, $775 in the bank, and peace of mind.

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DvB (not verified)


Although the link I followed showed a price of $1,120. For that much scratch (minus the $25 for the Yoga mat), I'd have enough for MANY hours of coaching with Deirdre and Zoltan.

Race you when you get to NYC, David! :)


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B. Dale (not verified)

This guy is the real deal and he knows a thing or two about riding fast in Central Park. Whether you like the (idea) of the Spiro or not I wouldn't be challenging David to any races. Even you Doug!


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Dave Sabbarese (not verified)
Breathe Right Strips

"After enduring a couple of years of good natured ribbing for wearing a ""band aid"" on my nose, I felt somewhat vindicated to see pros wearing these in the time trials in last year's TDF. The story goes that by simply opening your nostrils more, you are able to breathe better during times of oxygen debt, aka severe aerobic exercise (like climbing Perkins, or a long sprint). It's more efficient than gulping air through your mouth. As any fan of the NFL knows, these nasal strips have become part of the uniformn for virtually every defensive back, whose ability to cover the Terrell Owens' of the league is predicated on their ability to generate bursts of speed on a dime. For about 2 bucks a box, I would urge anyone to try them. The revolution starts now! Be like me and it'll set you free!"

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Evan Marks (not verified)
That settles it.

Dave, I know that when you feel strongly enough about something to actually post a message, if one looks closely enough the ridicule dripping between the lines can be seen. Case closed.

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