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"Today, I was with a rider who got a ticket on 9W going southbound at the corner of Oak Tree (just south of Piermont). The police as in a white, unmarked car. We were 4 riders, approaching the light. The officer warned us through his loudspeaker: ""Red Light"". One of us went through anyway and he got a ticket.
I looked at the ticket afterwards and could not see an amount! Very strange.
Anyway, we are not immune from tickets for going through red lights on 9W.

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Jenni (not verified)

I just saw this post about the red light ticket and thought I'd let you know that police presence through there will probably continue to be strong, with ticketing. Local residents have been reaching out to us and the police because of frustration with bikers and breaking the local traffic laws. In particular, bikes are only to ride single file through Piermont. (You're welcome to check our our website, we've been having a lot of discussion about it.

Anyway, just a head's up. The police are definitely enforcing redlight, stop sign, and single file laws. One guy got stopped for a cop to inspect his (obviously) compliant helmet.

Happy riding!

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
NY State Traffic Code as it affects bike riding 2X in Piermont

"Jenni, above, writes, ""In particular, bikes are only to ride single file through Piermont.""

Here are relevant parts of the state law. The question is: Does the road along the river in Piermont ever get so much as one cent for its maintenance or repair from the state? If it does, then arguably, that brings it under state jurisdiction, in which case did the town of Piermont get an exemption or waiver from the NYS Department of Transportation to regulate traffic on this road?

NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law

§ 100

Highway (defined): The entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel.


Persons riding bicycles upon a roadway shall not ride more than two abreast.


The legislative body of any village, with respect to highways, subject to the limitations imposed by section 1684, may by local law, ordinance, order, rule or regulation:

(16) Adopt such additional reasonable local laws, ordinance, orders, rules and regulations with respect to traffic as local conditions may require subject to the limitations contained in the various laws* of this state.

§ 1684

No local authority shall...(enact)...any ordinance, rule, or regulation affecting traffic on state highways maintained by the state...unless or until approval in writing has been obtained from the department of transportation, and the department of transportation may at any time rescind or modify such approval.


There may be other limiting laws that I haven't come across; in fact, likely there are as I've done only the most superficial reading of the vehicle code."

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someguy (not verified)
I think Piermont knows their single file rule is not right

"A few years ago I wrote to one or two public officials in Piermont asking about this and got a form letter back from the Chief of Police saying (this is paraphrased from memory) ""Regardless of state law, bicycles are required to ride single file...""

Considering cars are allowed to be parked for hours on the same road the town is banning bikes from riding two abreast even if there is no traffic behind them, this seems wrong and I hope someone can make a legal challenge to this.

That said, I have to kind of grin when reading about the guy being ticketed for running a red light. Although I don't think it's appropriate for police to especially, target cyclists, cyclists are not above the law and you can't go around doing that sort of thing, especially when cars or witnesses are present. Maybe if there is no other traffic or people around it's OK, but not like that."

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Mac (not verified)
"Rockland's Helmet ""Law"""

"Though Rockland's helmet ""law"" has been on the books for 15 years, I don't believe a single summons has ever been issued.

Correct me if I'm wrong... anyone know anyone who's actually been ticketed for this ""violation""?

I've ""gotten off with a warning"" at least half a dozen times. Once I smirked at the cop and practically challenged him to ticket me. He was really peed off, veins a' poppin', and I'm sure he would've if he could've... But no, another ""warning""..."

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Carol (not verified)

"I hope you're lucky enough to get off with just a ""warning"" if you should happen to crash without a helmet."

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mike p (not verified)
helmet law

the problem with these bicycle helmet laws is that it may deny a injured cyclist the right to sue? car runs over your lower body, your head is fine , your paralyzed , but no helmet , therefor violation of the law, you cant sue?
hopefully i am wrong.

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DvB (not verified)

Perhaps the ticket was issued not because your friend went through the red light, but because he was . . . um . . . so darned stupid? I've often wished I could issue traffic citations for gross stupidity. Here's to that officer -- I like his style!


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Etoain Shrdlu (not verified)
What were you thinking?

">>The officer warned us through his loudspeaker: ""Red Light"". One of us went through anyway and he got a ticket.<<

You were expecting maybe a medal for defiant bravery in the face of authority?""

""It's really too much trouble to waste time warning idiots. Just shoot them.""
-Radoban Slaboivic

Your pal,
Etoain Shrdlu"

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tailwind (not verified)
red light

maybe this is just a gentle reminder to us all to be mindful of traffic laws, as although we would like to be the only vehicles on the road, we are not!

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Ed (not verified)

Where did the ticketing happen? I can’t seem to locate this intersection: “on 9W going southbound at the corner of Oak Tree (just south of Piermont).” Piermont (town) or Piermont Rd.? I want to avoid a ticket. Other comments address not riding double through town, but the ticketing seems to have occurred up on 9W.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Oak Tree is the traffic light at the bottom of State Line Hill
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Watch Out on Piermont!

the are def on the look out for ticketing there. I do respect the law and I am againts cycling like an idiot. but sometimes it seems that they can go a bit far-towards ridiculous when it comes to hitting cyclist in their pockets 

I was cycling on Fernon Ave heading north as I approache the intersection with Paradise Ave I notice the traffic light was STILL GREEN and car was making a right turn. I decided to proceed as i passed the light turn Yellow. I need saw any signs of RED i was pulled over and asked to show I.D. the cop wrote a summom for failure to obey traffic device. No $ amount yet I have to go to court. 

PS: my record is impecable. 


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