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Well actually a slab fell from the cliff face about 1/8 mile from the police station.
Think half your front door about one foot thick, so naturally I am thinking things haven't quite settled. I made good time the rest of the way...........
on the very extreme right side.
Has anyone ever heard of an incident occuring there as a result of falling debris?

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cprider (not verified)
River Road Update 5/29

I rode the entire road yesterday 5/29 (in the sudden downpours) and the road was clear. I did see a nice size boulder (think dorm size refrigerator) on the far right side of the road a bit downhill from the recent landslide, but the hill appeared clear of any event.

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Walter Lindsay (not verified)
Road debris

Thanks cprider
A patrol car w/lights flashing sped by me on the way up and was there at the scene when I arrived. I am sure they cleared the road.
Interestingly I mentioned this to a friend who told me, a few years ago he and a fellow rider passed a section of the road heard a loud crash, dust all over the place went to investigate and lo and behold a very large bolder.

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