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A friend told me that there's a good ride to ""the orchard."" Apparently, it's about 75 miles round trip from NYC and the turnaround point is an orchard that sells great pie and doughnuts. He's away this weekend and I want to ride there while I have some time off. Can anyone help?"

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The Orchard

"Go to the Ride Library and download the cue sheet for ""Up South Mountain Road"". It's a great route."

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That route is perfectly fine, but if you're by yourself and looking for the most direct way, here 'tis:

9W north past Rockland Lake
Right turn at the T intersection with Route 303
Left turn at Scratchup Road (first side road after traffic light intersection with Route 304)
Left at the end of Scratchup
This is South Mountain. Take all the way to the top. The Orchard is on the left.

[One could continue north on 9W and simply turn left at South Mountain Road, but Scratchup is a nice little detour that avoids a narrower section of 9W that has a lot of truck traffic.]

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